Talk to Clickworks … New Zealand’s Most Experienced Steel Frame Design and Manufacturing Experts.

  • REDUCE Final Project Construction Costs

  • Simplify and Fast-Track the Council Approval Process

  • Experience Reliable, ‘Accurate Manufacture … Every Time.

  • Avoid Framing-Related Construction Delays

If you’re like many construction industry professionals, you sense that steel is cheaper, more reliable, longer lasting, and faster to install than timber framing. 

The problem is, until now, there hasn’t been an ‘end-to-end’ steel framing manufacturer with the capacity, quality obsession, or expertise to produce large quantities cost-effectively … AND meet your construction deadlines.

Now there is.

With Clickworks Steel Frame Manufacturing, we have an in-house team of specialist steel frame manufacturers, engineers, designers, architects and detailers who work with you at EVERY step of your project – whether it’s a single luxury home, a 100 home residential development or a light commercial project.

Our Services

Architectural Design Support

We have a team of architectural designers that are there to support your architect through the process of using steel frames.

Warehouse & Shed Fit Outs


Warehouse and Shed fit outs are a specialty for Clickworks talk to our team today about your project....

Engineering & Detailing


We have a team of steel frame detailing's and engineers available, to help answer structural questions.

Luxury Architectural Homes


Behind the luxury exterior you will find our Clickworks Steel Framing we build them BEAUTIFUL and STRONG..

Steel Frame Manufacturing


Clickworks has the latest manufacturing techology to create precision steel frames in our factory in Christchurch.

Modular & Kit Set Construction


Another fantastic thing about light weight steel frame is that's its perfect for modular and kit set construction.